AFN declares support for the collective in letter to ministers

On September 18, a letter signed by AFN Interim Chief Joanna Bedard was sent to the ministers of Indigenous Services and Crown Indigenous Relations, stating support for the collective as passed in AFN Resolution 65/2023 last summer: Affirmation of First Nation Education Sovereignty.


"I strongly support the First Nations with Schools Collective (FNWSC) and the continued development and implementation of their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with both your departments," states the letter, which can be found in the advocacy section of our website. "The successful outcome of this work should include a signed MOU with delegated authority to all parties to negotiate based on the guiding principles agreed upon in the MOU and Terms of Reference."


The letter goes on to encourage both ministers' departments to continue discussions and advance FNWSC priorities as outlined at the Joint Education Technical Table.