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Our Leaders

The delegates who contribute to FNWSC are education leaders and elected officials from eight communities. 


FNWSC Delegates (updated November 2, 2021)

Jacqueline French, Chief


JoAnn Henry, Trustee, COTTFN Board of Education Trustee


Coun. Michelle Burch


Joette Lefebvre, Lifelong Learning Director

Todd Cornelius, Chief


Ursula Doxtator, Elected Councillor


Alizabeth George-Antone, Elected Councillor


Bette Summers, Life Long Learning Administrator

Linda Debassige, Chief




Stacey Laforme, Chief


Veronica King-Jamieson, Elected Councillor, Life-Long Learning Pillar


Patti Barber, Education Director



Shirley Lynne Keeper, Chief
Kyle Peters, Director of Education

Angus Toulouse, Chief


Anna Marie Abitong, Education Director


Claudette Fournier, Education Assistant/Community Liaison


Andrea Hajt-Jacobs, Community Liaison

Mark Hill, Chief


Audrey Powless-Bomberry, Elected Councillor, Education Portfolio


Heather Watts, Education Manager


Clinton Powless, Education Finance Analyst

Dan Miskokomon, Chief


Jarvis Nahdee, Director of Life Long Learning


Marsha Miskokomon, Elected Councillor, Education Portfolio


Ron Soney, Elected Councillor, Education Portfolio



Rachel Manitowabi, Chief


Maureen Peltier , Interim Education Director 


Tim Ominika, Elected Councillor, Education Portfolio


Marcia Trudeau-Bomberry, Elected Councillor, Education Portfolio



Leslee White-Eye, Chippewas of the Thames First Nation

Brent Debassige, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education